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Hexagram 10 - glyphLines

The Image of Heaven Over Lake

Hexagram 10 image

My contained power of restraint is released and I tread
Into manner and mode of expression.
Using a creative spirit with joy and humor I develop personality.
I accept my varying and unequal character traits
By giving them expression in appropriate ways.

Moving with strength while treading carefully I handle unknown dangers
Allowing my thinking to be led by deeper intuitions.
I protect myself while pleasing others
As I walk with the mask of a tiger.

Hexagram 10- line 1

Nine in the First Place

Tiger like I move surely on the path … alone.

Hexagram 10 line 2

Nine in the Second Place

Looking straight ahead I go deeper
Into my dark tiger-self as my instincts show the way.

Hexagram 10, line 3

Six in the Third Place

I stumble and do not see clearly when I am swallowed by my persona.
In the weakness of fear my mask of aggression engulfs me.

Hexagram 10, line 4

Nine in the Fourth Place

I feel the strength of powerful animal instincts
Taking care not to confuse myself with the tiger.

Hexagram 10, line 5

Nine in the Fifth Place

I am aware of my wildness and move with it.

Hexagram 10, line 6

Nine in the Last Place

Success in movement is like a hunt or a dance. Power is in the process.
Quality of performance is the result of the care in each step taken.
The tiger, the path and I are one.

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9 Comments on Hexagram 10 – Lü / Treading

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  2. […] The effect of creating illustrations for interpreting the meaning makes the experience of the I Ching more intense. As I live with a hexagram for a long time I become aware of the organic movement within the six lines contained within each situation. This process led me to the idea of choosing a situation for I Ching guidance rather than to only rely on the synchronistic method. I have read a number of I Ching articles on how to use the I Ching where the writer says to read only the lines that are changing for guidance. So I’m proposing a concept here with a different approach that goes against the traditional directions for consulting the I Ching. As an example of the organic movement from one phase to another within the changing lines, take a look at the images in hexagram 10. […]

  3. olaNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the response, I know it was kind of a general question and I realize that too much goes into the process to answer in a blog posting.I just want to reiterate how I appreciate your meditation since it brings these enlightening result to a lot of people.
    I forwarded this hexagram to a neighbor struggling with a lot of inner obstacles, who would never consider something so “new-agey”, and she just forgot about her opinions when she saw it,it made her feel so good! So, again-your healing power at work 🙂

  4. Again, thank you for your comments and appreciation. To answer your question, the Record Book IS published. At the moment it is posted on top of this page and you just click on it to take you to the Amazon page. I also have a companion PDF version – will post about that soon.

    About how I arrive at my interpretation – the name of my work and blog, “I Ching Meditations,” is just that. Meditations on the I Ching. I read what I can in other interpretations since I can’t read the original Chinese and then I have to muse a long time about it and come up with an image as well as words. I also consult the I Ching a lot and have for a long time. I am so behind on completing all this but am determined.

    More to come.


  5. olaNo Gravatar says:

    I am so glad you saw my comment. Is the record book something that will be published?
    I am very curious about how you come up with the text.I mean your take is so unique, so to the point-how do you get the point so well? People are guessing the meaning of these hexagrams and coming up with lots of meanings, but you get THE meaning, the psychological essence of the situation as it applies to every human being and that’s why it’s so immediately helpful;it’s not a bunch of concepts and guesses, it’s simply the truth. So-how have you come you see the truth so clearly?

  6. OlaNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you for doing this! This is the most accurate and gorgeous rendering of this hexagram I’ve ever found. That goes for all the others you’ve posted here of course. There is such a powerful healing force in your art and words since they are so perfectly chosen and complement each other so well. I have seen so many I-ching readings and I have to say that yours are the only ones that have an immediate enlightening impact on me. It’s literally the WHOLE PICTURE 🙂
    I hope there will be more of this sublime art to see here-please!

    • AdeleNo Gravatar says:

      Thank you for such a wonderful appreciation of my work. I wish I were doing all this at a faster pace. I’ve gotten behind with working on my I Ching Record Book but will be back with more.

    • KrystalNo Gravatar says:

      You have the monopoly on useful ifonrmation—aren\’t monopolies illegal? 😉

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