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The Image of Earth Over Earth

Being Receptive I bring completion to creativity,
Feeling the pulsing rhythms of matter in space which in Nature.
Creativity is the light power of consciousness, thinking and seeing.
Receptivity has the dark power of what is inside, unconscious and invisible.
What I cannot see may feel threatening.
By yielding the dark mystery is revealed.
My creative spirit soars to Heaven with energetic ideas.
While I receptively absorb them.
To give birth to the unborn I must nourish what is inside with devotion.

Six in the First Place

Frost . . . followed by ice.
My own winter is inevitable.
Do I think that I can stop it?
Cold . . . Dark . . . Death?

Six in the first place changes to hexagram 24.

Hexagram two, line two

Six in the Second Place

My Heavenly spirit is like a circle with no idea of ending.
My Earthly Self is square, feeling boundaries and limits.
When I am receptive to my creativity
I am aware of my life pattern
And become centered.

Six in the second place changes to hexagram 7.

Image - Hexagram 2, line 3

Six in the Third Place

When I bring creativity to birth
Or being of service to another my work is hidden.
I am like a tree that knows the fruit will bear in summer.
During this process I remain free of vanity
Letting beauty develop within
Quietly . . . undisturbed.

Six in the third place changes to hexagram 15.

hexagram two - line 4

Six in the Fourth Place

Protect the unborn, a “tied up sack”
Carefully hiding, not yet ready to live in the world.

Six in the fourth place changes to hexagram 16.

Hexagram five - line five

Six in the Fifth Place

Golden . . . Reliable . . . Genuine like Earth,
Prominently pregnant
I meditate in discreet reserve
On the “child” dependent within.

Six in the fifth place changes to hexagram 8.

Hexagram two - line six

Six in the Last Place

“Dragons fight in black and yellow blood!”

I am swollen and exhausted.
What has been protected remaining within the dark
Is Breaking through in great force to live and breathe in the light.
I feel warning signs and the bloody battle
To death or birth begins.

“Dragons fight in black and yellow blood!”

Six in the last place changes to hexagram 23.


21 Comments on Hexagram 02 – K’Kun / The Receptive Earth

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  2. BenNo Gravatar says:

    I too, received all lines changing on this hexagram. Wow. what a reading. the question was “what should I do with my life?” and transformed hexagram was 3: creative force.
    Apparently receiving hex 3 with all lines changing is not only rare, but indicates an exceptionally momentous situation. Wilhelm/Baynes comment that “When all the lines are [magnetic], it means: Lasting perseverance furthers.” I also wonder what is meant by cut ties from immovable allies in the northeast, and seek to find friends in the southeast. This reading has left me with goosebumps, all the changing lines are so accurate. What is your commentary on these things?

    • BenNo Gravatar says:

      sorry hex 2 not 3

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Hello Ben,
      Thanks for telling me about your momentous reading. I’m glad you corrected your statement that the hexagram was “The Receptive” that had all the lines changing and not #3. Big difference. It is difficult to make a full response here in this limited space. If I knew you in person we could probably discuss this for hours since you asked it about your life. Since all the lines changed, as Wilhelm said, I think it means you will go back and forth from Receptive to Creative. That can be and should b e a life long task. How cool is that! Receive and then Create. Create and then be open again to the next task. One suggestion I have is to read a variety of different interpretations of the I Ching. Everyone has their own subjective slant on the meaning that may resonate differently with you at different times. I don’t know how hooked into the I Ching you are, but surely that reading will do it for you.

      Just to add another note on the subject of hexagram 1 and 2 moving back and forth with all changing lines – I know two people who were/are in a relationship that was/is not going the way they wanted. I suggested they consult the I Ching. They both got this same result and were annoyed by that, feeling it didn’t solve anything for them. My response was, in both cases, was that I thought it meant that the relationship was going to go back and forth again and again and never really end. That has proven to be true.

      All good wishes for you.

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  4. johnson.djames@gmail.comNo Gravatar says:

    First, I love your meditation images. I will sit with them some I hope.
    I wondered if you might offer me some guidance on a reading I received, hex 2 with all changing lines-to hex 1.
    Any help or useful resources would be appreciated.

    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Hello James – Thanks for your comment and question. Wow! What a reading you got! Statistically that is most unusual. I will have to get back to you on that for my thoughts. But first, can you tell me what the question was? If you don’t want to post it here you can send it in an email.

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  6. KathyNo Gravatar says:

    Dear Adele,

    I just came across your website and feel very drawn to your artwork. Your inspiration and talent are truly a gift. Thank you for bringing such great blessings to share.


    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Hello Kathy,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I am now working on getting volume 1 into book form for I Ching Meditations. I’ll post it here when it happens. Lots more work to do on this huge project.
      Stay tuned, Adele

  7. Cyndi RhoadsNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Adele,

    It seems that there are two of us in fairly desperate straits. I got hex 23 (split apart) changing to hex 2. My heart is broken over and over by myself! For almost a year now, I’ve been in love with a man who is in a relationship with someone else. He is a dear friend of mine (truly) and we will be friends forever (unmistakably). And often I accept and appreciate him and us for simply what we are. But sometimes, I get lonely, and I then quickly break down.

    I don’t cast lightly or often. It usually takes me days or even a week or two to interpret the hexagram I’ve received. So, now Hex 2 is staring me in the face. I’m trying to accept the greater mystery inside which is the beautiful me. I know she’s there! But I’m so over fifty, never married, and very lonely.

    Any help would be great.


    • Adele AldridgeNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Cyndi,
      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you here.
      Your request for help is hard to do because I don’t really know enough or even the question you asked. Just as an aside, as a strange synchronicity, I got that same hexagram reading yesterday – the day you posted. Hexagram 23 with the top line changing to hexagram 2. But I like it – the “splitting” is over (what ever that may be) and turns to that powerful “Receptive earth.” Perhaps the I Ching was advising you to let go of the split and be open to receive. But I don’t really know, not knowing you or more details. In any case, I think of that reading as good but the I Ching is always a subjective experience so it can well have different meanings for you.

      I always find the wisdom of the I Ching helpful for what ever.


  8. BenjaminNo Gravatar says:

    I really appreciate your inspirations on the iChing. I also was blessed with a new job in May, one where I can flourish and grow professionally. This is an opportunity I have passed up in the past and it is very difficult… I have just been moving forward and doing my best not to question or presume that of which I am capable. That being said, I often feel like I am drowning. Like it’s all too much, like the time just marches on and I have no idea where it goes. I’ve been so caught up that I haven’t consulted the iChing in almost exactly 6 months (4/12/11) if you measure 4 week months. I consulted it tonight because I am afraid that this will never end and that I will be constantly fighting for independence or an identity outside of work.
    Your writing was very inspiring. The path leaped at me without leading me. Like a guiding voice in the dark saying, “It’s ok, you can’t see here, but keep moving forward and prepare for a beautiful creation born of strife.” This is exactly where I am at. My first big beginning-to-end project is literally being birthed at work. Everyday it grows physically, taking shape and requiring constant attention and nourishment… From me, no less. It requires all of my energy and I’ve been putting in 60 hour weeks and this one is shaping out to be 70 and it’s only Monday.
    It’s this foreboding that frightens me. The impending nature of the finality of all the decisions I have made. The incredible fear that I have created something lasting and beautiful. This is probably a rant, but your writings inspired me tonight. They gave me hope that this will not go on forever but that it is necessary to protect and nurture the creative force that lives inside me even if it is painful at times.
    I am going to get back into the iChing again because I have so many questions today, and I have remembered that the answers are inside and only need to be unlocked.

    • AdeleNo Gravatar says:

      Hello Ben,

      Wow! that was quite response. Thanks for commenting on my IChing page. I am forever hooked into the I Ching myself because I find that it always, amazingly, works for me.


  9. Tao1234No Gravatar says:

    A new job creating anxiety? That can happen, but usually when a job is new, it is a new beginning. I can’t imagine too many situations where this is negative.

  10. victoriaNo Gravatar says:

    Dear Adele

    Thanks very much for your in depth reply. One step at a time has always been a hard one for me as I think that some part of my chronically anxious condition is that feeling of wanting to ‘know’ & therefore have some sense of control over the future and that often leaps way ahead of one step at a time! But its a lesson I need to learn and if I don’t learn it now it will surely come round again and again and again! If only I could stop THINKING! I think (!) that the demons are my thoughts which I find so hard to tether down to the present. But, here we are to learn and I’ve gone on to Natura Arsenicum homeopathic remedy to try and help with the anxiety as well.

    The image you have of the meditating woman with the beautiful golden belly is just so moving. I love it. It is one I can and have been using by imagining that the belly is my own self worth – and none of the anxiousness can penetrate it. It will then burst out of its own accord when I’ve gradually developed to the right place, right time and with the right people. Meanwhile the belly is very protected, blessed and golden. Beautiful, thank you. Job begins on Jan 6th so I’ll keep in touch over time. Victoria

  11. AdeleNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Victoria,

    Thanks for your comment. It is gratifying to know my I Ching Meditations are seen.

    It is interesting that you asked your question twice and got Hexagram 2, “The Receptive,” both times with a total of 4 lines moving to change to Hexagrams #48, “The Well” and #53, “Gradual Development.” I love all 3 of those Hexagrams.

    You asked if I had any further insight on those changing lines. As Carl Jung points out, consulting the I Ching is a subjective experience and takes one’s own personal intuition. In this case, not knowing you, just reading of your discomfort and then the response you got it looks like I Ching is telling you to be receptive to or yield to all that is happening. “The Receptive” is about the process of bringing forth a new birth of some kind.

    As you can see in my own interpretations I equate the process to the woman being pregnant with a real child but of course that can symbolize any new event that is being born.

    And the Hexagrams that your question changes to, “The Well” and “Gradual Development,” in light of your question for guidance with anxiety, point to going within your own spiritual well and take things gradually, one step and at time.

    In brief: To release anxiety be receptive to this new situation, draw on your own inner worth that has great value to others and do all this one step at a time.

    I think that line 6 that speaks of the dragons fighting can be your own daemons here – some kind of war with yourself – or who knows, maybe you are inspiring a jealousy from someone about something. Don’t you think that a new job can cause anxiety? And since you were so sick that you were in the hospital this can be chemically caused daemons.

    All I can say is that to relieve anxiety you need to trust the situation. I don’t know you or any personal added details, which I am sure there are many, but since you meditate you are on the path of relieving that anxiety. Even perhaps look at and accept the anxiety so that it can dissipate.

    Your question was about relieving the anxiety, not about the new job but I can’t help but wonder if this positive reading is also related to a positive new beginning that is about to unfold. Maybe you can look more deeply into the well of what the anxieties are and see if you can flush them out.

    I look forward to hearing about what happens after this new birth.


  12. victoriaNo Gravatar says:

    Dear Adele

    I sent a comment but its come back as your comment is awaiting moderation… not sure what that means??

  13. victoriaNo Gravatar says:

    Dear Adele

    I came across your website on a search for more information on hex.2 and in particular lines 3,5 and 6. I rarely ask the I Ching the same question but in a different way but on this occasion because I have been filled with so much anxiety about life, a new job beginning in Jan, low mood and my loss of connection with spirit and earth, I did in fact ask twice over a period of 3 days. I got almost exactly the same answer, on the first occasion in response to the question: I feel so anxious all the time and seem to have lost my connection with source, my intuition, spirit and the earth, please guide, I got hex.2 with lines: 2,3 and 5. Then 3 days later – today, when I felt terrible, so low, anxious and afraid – I asked again, please give me guidance on myanxiety, low mood, new job, fear.’ and again got hex 2 but moving lines 3,5 and 6. (53).

    I have been particularly ill recently with my 3rd hospitalised viral meningitis (anxiety caused) and am beginning a new job in Jan with my husband which I am nervous about, plus a few other things thrown in… In spite of 15 years of meditation and spiritual work I still get anxious – amazing really! Anyway, I love your pictures – but if you have any insight further on these lines please do get in touch, with many thanks for your incredible pictures and work, Victoria

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